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Racah Retreat 2019 News



Ohalo Manor

see of galilee



Day 1 (17.4)

Trip To Mount Gilboa


Fun and check-in



'Failures Night'

Jam Session


Day 2 (18.4) 


Fun and check-out



Home sweet home


(Basically - Fun + food* + Fun)


Personal Payment

Late Registration Rates 

(From 13.1.19)

Senior staff: 150 NIS

Students: 100 NIS

*Warning: The food in Ohalo Manor will probably be Kosher for Passover

Event photos will be uploaded here in the future...

Racah Retreat IV 2019 Photos

Two step registraion

Step 1

Fill This In:

Step 2

Personal Payment

Click here for Paying

 Make sure you read the cancellation policy

at the bottom

Funding, Personal Payment and Cancellation policy

Your participation in the retreat is funded mostly by your PI (If you have one) or by the Racah Institute of Physics. Costs of the hotel, transportation and other are set by the number of participants. We encourage you to register as soon as possible! Please register and pay using the PayBox App, that way, others would be able to see that you are attending the event.  If you paid as a guest let us know. Feel free to contact us, if you have any trouble with the App.


If for any reason you will want to cancel your registration:

By February 1st  - full refund and your PI won't be charged.

By March 1st - 30% refund and your PI won't be charged.​

By March 16st - 10% refund and your PI will be 30% charged.

After April 1st - Don't even think about it (: - no refund and your PI will be charged!


* 3rd-year B.Sc. students are invited to come on the basis of rooms availability.

   If no rooms will be left for a 3rd-year student, the student will get a full refund.

Feel Free to Contact Us

Paz Or

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